Solve Your Noise Problem

Find tranquility at home, block out noise for ultimate peace


Reduce Noise by 75% to 95%

Achieve true peace and quiet with EZ Soundproof's unmatched noise reduction – up to 95% quieter than traditional windows alone!


Made in the U.S.A

EZ Soundproof products are custom built in the U.S.A.  and shipped directly to you.


No Need to Replace Windows

Quiet your home without window removal or major renovation! Our Laminated Glass EZ Soundproof install in front of your existing windows and doors for superior noise reduction

Noise reduction can be easy and affordable

Affordable Soundproof Windows, Doors and custom shapes

Improve your breathing, sleep, concentration.

Up to 95% noise elimination reduces stress, improves your well-being.

99% less dust, dirt, allergens, drafts, UV – rays helps you breathe & sleep better .

30% to 50% energy savings forever.

No renovations.



Our Soundproof Windows sit on your window sill.

Attach on 4 sides to your window opening.

Does not change the look of your windows.

Affordable Soundproof Windows

Eliminates Exterior Noise

Studio Soundproofing

Berklee College of Music chose us for soundproofing in noisy, downtown Boston. “The noise bombarding the studios from the streets outside made recording impossible.”

Hotel Soundproofing

These Marriott Hotels faces busy roads and needed soundproofing. Noise complaints were costing money, guests couldn’t sleep and customer satisfaction was low. Our soundproof windows have eliminated the noise.

City Noise Gone

Constant noise from the city. People shouting at 3AM, nightclubs emptying, this couple couldn’t sleep in their lovely home. “We had soundproof windows installed and now we sleep silently all night.” The new windows give them a new life. Silence reigns once more.

What is an STC Rating?

STC (Sound Transmission Class)

STC Ratings WITHOUT our Soundproof Windows

Single Pane Windows

Without Soundproof Windows — STC Rating 27

Double Pane Windows

Without Soundproof Windows — STC Rating 28

STC Ratings WITH our Soundproof Windows

Single Pane Windows

With Soundproof Windows — STC Rating 46 or greater

Double Pane Windows

With Soundproof Windows — STC Rating 48 or greater

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