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Seattle, WA

My apartment is in a high-rise in downtown Seattle and despite my insane mortgage, the soundproofing of the original windows was terrible quality. Richard helped me figure out a solution to turn my place into the oasis I always wanted!


Spokane, WA – Martin R.

Outside noises kept waking us up in the early morning: barking dogs, trash trucks, traffic. Since the windows are the first concern we visited one of our neighbors to see his soundproof window treatments which are hardly noticable and amazing, they really worked at blocking out the street
noise. After I went through ezsoundproof.com Richard Mann returned my inquiry really fast. I was happy to have his honest advice. He talked us through measuring for ordering and delivery to me, I live in Washington State. He’s very knowledgable about custom choices for multiple vertical opening windows. They were delivered and each window took about 30min ea to install and now it looks perfect and high quality, great product.
The soundproofing transformed our two bedrooms into livable, sleepable quiet spaces. Even while watching a truck out side loading we can’t hear it. Wife is very happy with the appearance, the house is much cleaner with no pollen, dust, or her swollen eyes from allergies. Now we both sleep through the early mornings. It was worth it.


Spokane, WA

When we were converting our guest room into a nursery, one of the first things we did was soundproof the windows in the baby’s room. Baby isn’t here yet but this room is so quiet and peaceful I’m sure she’ll have many a sound sleep in there.


Edmonds, WA

The train was seriously starting to drive me crazy! In addition to squealing, there is a loud thumping when trains pass a crossover switch at South Walden Street, near the Mount Baker Station. I am so happy I discovered your company. I couldn’t imagine spending another day hearing those trains! Great staff and great product!


Redmond, WA

We live near a railroad line that just added a station and stop about two blocks from our house. Great for commuting, horrendous for peace at home. We did just our living room and home office so far but they work so well I want to do our bedroom as well. Thank you Richard!!


Bellevue, WA

Awesome at keeping the temperature maintained in our condo. I can tell there is way less of a draft in the windows we “soundproofed.” Might end up doing the whole upstairs later this winter.


Olympia, WA

Not only are they great at soundproofing, but they are amazing at insulation as well. Our heat clicks on and off way less frequently after installing these. Can’t wait to run the numbers and see how much money they saved us this winter.


Tacoma, WA

We live pretty close to SeaTac and thank god we decided to use EZ Soundproof for the windows in our bedroom, because it was really impossible to sleep through the night. Planes right over your head is not a sound you ever get used to.


Kent, WA

Great product – I live within a few miles of Pacific Raceways and can honestly say I have never heard a roar of an engine or squeal of a tire from inside my house! The soundproof treatments were worth every penny.


Forks, WA

In our town it rains like literally every day and we struggle to keep the chill out of our house. These soundproof window additions have made all the difference keeping us toasty!

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