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Richmond, VA

Our campus housing is located on the edge of UVA but the noise from students commuting and partying is unbearable. We were looking for a quality, rental-friendly option and then we found EZ Soundproof! Has made a huge difference in our apartment and didn’t require any permanent modification. Also was pretty affordable.v


Alexandria, VA

Our town has become much more young in recent years, with an influx of young professionals living here and working in the city. With this came a lot of noise in the evenings year-round. So happy we splurged and soundproofed our windows. They work so well to keep the party noises out when we just want some peace and quiet in our home.


Manassas, VA

For the price, these are truly incredible. I love that they look like part of the original design. Excellent quality and performance so far.


Virginia Beach, VA

We switched from window units to quiet central air and then the noise outside our beach condo seemed absolutely unbearable. We added these window treatments to our bedroom windows and have finally been able to sleep soundly again!


Roanoke, VA

Bought these for soundproofing but they have been amazing at insulating as well!


Leesburg, VA

The Soundproof windows that are installed in our home are excellent and the best windows that we could find in the USA. The quality, workmanship and quietness are superior to any other brand. Richard Mann has been great to work with and we have had no issues or problems with the windows at all. We give our highest rating and you will be totally pleased dealing with Richard.


Norfolk, VA

We got these because our dogs are super noise-phobic and they have made it so much more peaceful in our house!


Williamsburg, VA

Living near an elementary school used to be great when we had kids that age, but now that we don’t I’m just over all the noise of drop-off and pickup and recess. These soundproof window treatments open and close, giving us the control and freedom to have tranquility in our house again.


Lorton, VA

I live along I95 and even with the highway sound barriers I was still hearing cars and trucks zooming by at all hours. I researched various ways to keep the sound out and Soundproof Window Treatments made the most sense. Mr. Mann was very helpful in explaining all the steps and keeping me informed with the whole process. My treatments have now been installed for 3 months and I can happily say I have not heard a truck wiz by since the day they were installed.

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