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Life is bigger, better, and louder in the great state of Texas (TX). Unfortunately, this means that unwanted and excess noise pollution can easily invade your home or place of business. To combat these loud exterior noises, and to protect the sanctity and quiet calm of your property’s interior, talk to the team at EZSoundProof.com to learn about our soundproof window treatments.

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Our soundproof window treatments offer the best in quality and affordability. With this simple but effective solution, you don’t have to worry about installing new windows in order to get the results you want. Instead, we fit your existing windows with our soundproof window treatments. The end result is a seamless finish that blends into your home or business’s interior and effectively reduces outside noise.

In addition to increased noise reduction and higher STC ratings, our soundproof windows also offer the following benefits:

  • Reduced heat loss and heat gain
  • Blocked drafts, humidity, and temperature fluctuations
  • Elimination of 99% of airborne allergens
  • Protection from 99% of UV rays

If you are located in TX and would like to learn more about soundproof window treatments and your options for noise reduction solutions, contact EZSoundProof.com by calling 866-547-5376.


Allen, TX – Bero R.

The Soundproof windows that are installed in our home are excellent and the best windows that we could find in the USA. The quality, workmanship and quietness are superior to any other brand. Richard Mann has been great to work with and we have had no issues or problems with the windows at all. We give our highest rating and you will be totally pleased dealing with Richard.


Arlington, TX

Three cheers to you Mr. Mann for quieting the fans! Living near Cowboys Stadium meant hearing lots of noisy fans both in and around the stadium. Now the only fans we hear are on the TV when we choose to watch the game.


Fort Worth, TX

Love that this company operates and manufactures in the United States.


Dallas, TX

Having an apartment right in Lower Greenville is great. All the rooftop bar patios in the area complete with live music not so great when it comes time to go to bed. It got to the point where I would hear instruments blaring in my dreams. I couldn’t take it anymore! After some online investigating I came across Soundproof Window Treatments. They were installed in no time and now I get to choose when I want to go out and enjoy the music and when I want to sleep in peace and quiet.


San Antonio, TX

So far have provided excellent soundproofing! We started out with our bedroom only but we will definitely be doing the study and the guest room.


Waco, TX

The noise and smell from surrounding farms has been a major nuisance on our home life. These windows have absolutely saved us. We still open them on quiet, smell-less days, but most of the time they are closed and protecting us from sense intrusion.


Fort Worth, TX

Before I discovered Soundproof Window Treatments I was about to go insane from a dog of all things. My neighbors have a rather large dog that is kept outside 24/7. He frequently just stands at the fence and barks for hours on end. After speaking with my neighbors and the police and finding no resolution I contacted Richard Mann to resolve the problem a new way –by keeping the sound out. Now he can bark to his heart’s content and this neighbor doesn’t have to hear it!


Dallas, TX

I live in an apartment in the Oak Lawn area of Dallas right across the street from a bar. Many nights the music and people outside were so loud I couldn’t sleep at all. I wasn’t happy at home and my work was suffering due to lack of concentration. Something had to be done! I got in touch with Richard Mann and now all my windows have soundproof treatments. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical but these are absolutely amazing. I recommend them to people all the time.


El Paso, TX

Our house is now on a school bus route and there is no chance of quiet at 7am and 3:30pm. So glad we decided to go with EZ Soundproof and don’t have to dread the school bus schedule anymore!


Houston, TX

I live next to a sports stadium with a public address sound system that sounds like it was built for the astrodome. Whenever there’s a baseball, soccer, or football event I have the unpleasant experience of knowing every play and every point scored or not scored. Although it is next door and not really in my front yard, it makes no difference, I live with the NOISE. I researched the internet for methods, materials, costs and suppliers. After hours and hours of research I found a local source with a local rep. Got him on the phone and in the first 5 minutes of conversation I knew I found the right avenue. Mr. Mann is extremely knowledgeable, quite easy to converse with and a good listener. He went directly to the heart of my issue and offered an affordable and immediate solution.
About 5 weeks later I was SOUNDPROOFED to my complete satisfaction. He kept me informed and was involved in every step of this painless process. My condo is now heavenly quiet. It is hard to believe that something that is almost invisible can achieve such outstanding results. Although I have no plans of selling my condo, before I soundproofed it, I doubt that I could have ever found a buyer, unless he was deaf. As for doing business with Mr. Mann of Soundproof Window Treatments: He was excellent in every respect. He was immediate in his response, extremely helpful and quite knowledgeable regarding soundproofing. Everything proceeded according to his quote and his representation of the timing involved. I’m happy that I found his company’s website. It’s filled with lots of videos and photographs of his product installation. Quiet and invisible. I could not be more pleased!

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