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If you own a commercial or residential property in South Carolina (SC), you deserve to have a safe and quiet space for you and your residents. At, we have a wide selection of soundproof window treatments that can not only boost the visual appeal of your property but insulate your property from loud and distracting noises.

For outstanding window treatments that can give you the space of your dreams, visit our website or call one of our expert technicians today. We pride ourselves on our deep knowledge of soundproofing technology and friendly customer service.

Why Do You Need Soundproof Windows?

There are a variety of businesses and residential properties that can benefit from a soundproof window treatment. Some examples include schools with classrooms, conference rooms, and homes located in a downtown environment.

There are few things as bothersome as loud noises outside your window. Especially if you own a residential property with little ones, even the slightest of noises can disrupt their sleep. That’s why is here to help with our wide selection of soundproof windows. When you contact our team, we can discuss the needs of your property and outfit you with the perfect set of windows.

Whether you need soundproofing for your business, home, or both, our team has the experience to provide you with the soundproofing technology that you deserve. We pride ourselves on our dedication to your satisfaction and will match you with the perfect set of soundproof windows.

Why Do You Need Our Team of Experienced Technicians?

We can promise you personalized and dedicated service when you visit We strive to form a lasting relationship with all of our clients so that they know who they can turn to whenever they need soundproof windows for their home or business.

To learn more about our services and receive an estimate on your new set of windows, give us a call at 866-547-5376.


Charleston, SC

Our new-to-us old house is in a busy Charleston neighborhood and every time our new baby would go down for a nap she would be awoken by something outside. We got these for her bedroom and she now sleeps soundly! When sleep time is over we simply open the windows back up. Love these, thank you Richard!


Clemson, SC

We love living near Clemson for a lot of reasons, but the loud intoxicated partiers at night is not one of them. Our house seems to be on the route home from the bars for a lot of boisterous kids. We have spent years being woken up a few times a week at night and never really considered there was a solution. I used some of my bonus this year to do all six windows in our bedroom and master bath with these treatments and the difference is incredible! We haven’t been woken up since installing them! Such relief!


Spartanburg, SC

Excellent for keeping the cold air in in the summer. Love that these have solved a lot of the issues we were having with our old inefficient windows.


Myrtle Beach, SC

We are plagued by the ruckus of seasonal partiers but these window treatments have saved our life. We have only done our bedroom so far but the difference is insane. No longer kept awake or awoken by drunk young people. I want to do our living room and the guest room as well.


Hilton Head Island, SC

These have been a lifesaver in all of our bedrooms since we moved to Hilton Head. Our old house was in a much quieter spot but thanks to these window treatments we are able to sleep soundly in our new home.


Florence, SC

Our new apartment is right near a bus line and the early morning commute has become a nightmare for us. Woken up every morning at 5am, even on the weekends. Thank god we found EZ Soundproof. We close the windows before we go to bed and our room is so peaceful and quiet that we can sleep as late as we want! And then open them when we want fresh air again (at a decent hour).


Columbia, SC

We bought these to regulate the temperature in our three season porch and they’re doing such an excellent job. We are getting much more use out of that space now thanks to these window treatments!


Mount Pleasant, SC

We got these for our home office because both my wife and I get distracted easily by outdoor sounds. Huge improvement in our concentration thanks to these window treatments. Can’t recommend them enough. We’ll be doing our bedroom this year too.


Greenville, SC

Excellent product, sold and produced in the US of A!

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