Made 100% in the USA

Montpelier, VT

Living near Morse Farm is great for the treats but bad for the smells. God bless those cows but yuck. With our old windows, the smells still wafted into our house but not with these new treatments!! The whole downstairs is now scent-free thanks to EZ Soundproof!

Burlington, VT

I love living in Burlington but being so close to UVM is VERY noisy at times. Adding these soundproof window treatments to our bedroom windows has completely cut out the nighttime noises awaking us!

White River Junction, VT

The noise from the highway was just absolutely unbearable. Many of our neighbors had soundproofed their homes in one way or another but I hadn’t seen anything that I thought didn’t look tacky. I LOVE that these look super high quality and like part of the original build. Also happen to do their job very well!

Missisquoi, VT

We live basically as far north as you can get before hitting Canada and thus, the winters are frigid. It used to be impossible to keep the cold draft out in the winter, no matter what cult classic “solution” we tried. These window treatments have completely sealed out the cold air! Cannot recommend enough!

Stowe, VT

These have been awesome for blocking out noise from the resort when it gets a little too busy. Love that we can open and close them depending on the day.

Rutland, VT

My whole family suffers from pretty intense allergies in our home even with windows shut and air purifiers on. I may be exaggerating a little but these window treatments have eliminated a lot of our symptoms! I feel like there are much fewer allergens wafting into our house now.

Woodstock, VT

Got these or my baby’s room and he sleeps sooo soundly. I don’t have to live in fear of traffic noises disrupting his naps or loud neighbors waking him up at night.

Killington, VT

Excellent American product. Ordering was straightforward, shipping was fast enough, and the quality is excellent so far!

Middlebury, VT

Living by Middlebury College was a necessity as my husband works there, but the noise from campus and surrounding student apartments has always been a headache in our household and a point of contention in our marriage. I was about to force my husband to move and drive to work instead of walk when we decided to give EZ Soundproof a try. What a lifesaver! These window treatments have brought peace and tranquility back to our lives.