Made 100% in the USA

Pittsburgh, PA – J A.

I ordered two windows in December 2012. Since then, I have installed only one window due to my other commitments. From the experience, I can say that the window is good enough to eliminate most of outside noise. However, the effect is not perfect. If I listen carefully for the outside noise, I can still hear some big noise (e.g., running trains).

Philadelphia, PA

These have helped immensely with keeping the street noise out of our Philly apartment. We keep them open most of the time and then shut them when the city gets too loud.

Pittsburgh, PA

This is our first winter in our new house and there was just such a chilly draft coming in through the windows constantly. We purchased these for our living room, where we spend most of our time, and the difference is amazing. I want to do our bedroom and dining room now too.

Harrisburg, PA

Quality product, working as expected so far.

Scranton, PA

Based on reviews of Richard’s site we purchased several soundproof window treatments for the bedrooms upstairs in our house. They have been great not only at soundproofing but also as extra insulation when the weather is extreme.

Allentown, PA

I was scared these were going to be bulky or obvious but they look fantastic.

Erie, PA

Great American product.

Lancaster, PA

We have windows that connect our son’s music room to our main living room. Let me tell you, these are a LIFESAVER. Have saved us many trombone headaches.

Gettysburg, PA

Richard was very helpful in figuring out what soundproof window treatments would work best over our current wonky windows.

Sellersville, PA

The windows work great! I used them because my bedroom windows were on a busy street with a lot of buses throughout the morning and evening. The windows really helped greatly dampen that noise and helped me sleep at night. They also keep the cold and warm drafts out and help with electric and heating bills. Setup was very easy with minimal tools required. I would certainly buy again.