Made 100% in the USA

Eugene, OR – Alex L.

I sent in a request for a quote for my skylight. I received a call back from Richard within 10 minutes of sending my request. He was very cordial and extremely knowledgeable. After before completely honest with me about overall cost on my project, I mentioned that it was a bit out of my price range. This is where most companies stop making an effort. Richard instead proceeded to give me advice on two inexpensive solutions. It’s companies like this that go above and beyond, that let you know great customer service still exists.

Portland, OR

Will be recommending these to all our friends and neighbors!

Salem, OR

These windows have made an immense difference keeping the chill out of our house. I love that we can open them when we want fresh air—much better anything else I found.

Bend, OR

Excellent at keeping the noise out of my street-level studio. Love that they look like part of the original design.

Eugene, OR

Loved working with this company.

Oregon City, OR

We live near a small sports arena and the constant noise from matches that we once thought delightful has become more and more disruptive. Moving definitely was out of the question and we wanted a visually pleasing option. We are so glad to have found EZ Soundproof.

Medford, OR

Will be doing the rest of our house next year! Love these!

Astoria, OR

Love that we can close them during the day and open them at night.

Boardman, OR

Wind turbines may supply power without pollution but many probably don’t realize they are also generating a lot noise and even health effects for people who live near them. The 240-foot- tall turbines I can see from my hilltop home near Boardman make so much noise they actually keep me awake at night. They also were giving me nausea by aggravating inner- ear and balance problems I’ve had since a 1966-67 tour in Vietnam. I couldn’t live where I’m living now with those decibels. Thank you so  much Mr. Mann for working with me to make my home silent and livable again. I now feel healthy and get a good night’s sleep. These window treatments are a blessing.

Eugene, OR

All the other reviews have commented on how effective these windows are, so I will not say too much –they really work. What I want to say here is how efficient and professional Richard and his team are. From the get-go, Richard provided honest information, with accurate an quote. We were told that these windows are not cheap, but if you want a quiet room to live and sleep in, it will be more than worth the money. After we paid for the windows, they arrived after 5 weeks. Richard and his team were there, waiting for the delivery truck, and they did all the unpacking, delivering, and installation. They were courteous and professional. Everything is done in a couple of hours. Then you are left with a super-quiet room, standing there wondering “Why didn’t I do this two years ago?”

Portland, OR

I have a full blown night club 20 feet across an alley from my bed, the music noise from the club and street noise and smells from patrons smoking and congregating in the street was unbearable. It has been reduced to nothing most of the time and maybe a low rumble, not very noticeable at peak times thanks to EZ Soundproof. Please note: this is a full modern, loud, popular night club.