Made 100% in the USA

Oklahoma City, OK

Bought these for our bedroom because I felt like my seasonal allergies kept getting worse even with our windows closed. These have helped immensely!

Tulsa, OK

So effective!

Norman, OK

These are great so far--totally block out the noise from the somewhat busy street we live on. I am excited to see how they do as extra insulation in the winter.

Edmond, OK

Dealing with EZ Soundproof was painless. I was able to work directly with the owner to get four soundproof window treatments.

Lawton, OK

Love these. It now seems really noisy in the rooms we didn’t do. Might have to do the rest of the house.

Stillwater, OK

We live near a train line and had endured year of noise at all hours of the day and night before we found Richard’s company.

Broken Arrow, OK

Got these for our granddaughter’s nursery and they have made it so quiet! I want to do our bedroom now too.

Enid, OK

Excellent quality for the price. Shipping time was not too long.

Broken Arrow, OK

The early morning leaf blowers and delivery trucks that woke me up every morning are now a thing of the past – at least so it seems thanks to my new window treatments. I cannot believe how well they keep the sounds out – thank you Mr. Mann!