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When it comes to your commercial or residential property, creating a space free from distracting and intrusive noises is an absolute must. There are a variety of reasons to soundproof your space, but without proper windows, you can find yourself in a less-than-ideal space. can outfit your property with quality soundproof window treatments that will create your dream space. We use the highest quality of tools and equipment to create your soundproof window treatments.

Quality Window Treatments for Your Property in North Carolina, (NC)

When you contact the team of soundproofing experts at, we can first discuss the needs of your soundproofing window service. Whether you own a hotel or boarding house-type property that requires peace and quiet for your guests or you live in a loud downtown environment that could use some extra insulation, we have the products you need.

We offer affordable prices and a wide selection of soundproof windows so that you can create the quiet space that you deserve. Our soundproof windows can be fashioned to fit patio doors, front doors, accent windows, and large living windows. No matter the size or complexity of your soundproof window needs, we have the products that can match your preferences.

You’re just one purchase away from a better night’s sleep, a quieter workspace, and a less distracting environment. We pride ourselves on the quality of our windows, and we’re excited to help you find aesthetically pleasing and functional windows for your property.

Friendly Window Experts

Each of our soundproof windows is carefully made and crafted so that you can have them installed with confidence. Our team is friendly, experienced, and capable of answering all of your soundproofing questions. We’ll help you find the perfect set of windows for your property.

Our team is here to help you find the perfect set of soundproof windows with our friendly customer service. To learn more about our services, give us a call at 866-547-5376.

Charlotte, NC

Really happy we chose this company–Richard was a delight to work with.

Raleigh, NC

I had my doubts about how these soundproof windows would look once installed, but they fit into the current setup seamlessly and in fact people never even notice them!

Asheville, NC

Our building manager was totally un-helpful with the insanely noisy and drafty windows so my boss authorized me to purchase these soundproof window treatments for our offices along the outside wall. SO glad we did. The soundproofing is so effective and you can’t really tell we added anything.

Wilmington, NC

We tried everything before this–shrink wrapping the windows, large removable hard plastic sheeting–but these are a game-changer. Flawlessly fit over our existing windows and do an amazing job insulating the place.

Chapel Hill, NC

We work at UNC and live on campus. These have been a life-saver for soundproofing out the noisy students at night!

Durham, NC

Love them so far.

Charlotte, NC

Thank you Soundproof Window Treatments you really helped our family. Our house is about three miles from the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre. I normally love music but times like 11:30 on a Sunday night it’s not what I want to hear. My family needs its sleep and the music was definitely interfering before we got our window treatments. Now we can all fall asleep and stay asleep without any loud music.

Raleigh, NC

Having now used these windows for over two years on a busy corner with lots of traffic, they seem to provide the sound isolation as promised. The reason I can’t give 5 stars is that we still do have some sound, which is likely coming more through the walls than through the windows, but without that isolation it’s difficult to know if the windows are totally delivering the isolation as promised. Overall though, I’m satisfied with the product, and would purchase it again.

Raleigh, NC

I cannot say enough about these windows! First I live in a condominium complex that has tougher than tough rules and regulations. I was not allowed to replace the entire window unit and Richard offered the ultimate solution… Interior windows that go over the inside of the window and VERY cost effective. They are virtually unnoticeable and the savings is unbelievable! No more drafts AND the other benefit…I have dogs so they reduce the noise as well. Richard was the ultimate professional and did an unbelievable job…clean…timely…pricing / budget and did I mention CLEAN. Wow.