Made 100% in the USA

Albuquerque, NM

Living near UNM is a blessing and a curse. Love the events and resources, hate the noise. The EZ Soundproof Windows–which go in front of your existing windows and are super easy to install–are a game-changer!!

Santa Fe, NM

Our current windows just weren’t cutting it in terms of insulation and replacing the casings just isn’t in the budget right now. These have been a perfect alternative so far.

Las Cruces, NM

I love the way you can’t even tell that we have them in front of our current windows.

Roswell, NM

Excellent at keeping out the dust particles! My whole family suffers from allergies and I feel like this additional layer has completed filtered everything out.

Taos, NM

The quality for the price is really quite astounding. Working with EZ Soundproof was painless and pleasant.

Farmington, NM

Love the way these fit right in front of our existing windows. Totally mesh with the design of our house.

Ruidoso, NM

Great so far! Our bedroom is nice and peaceful now. In fact, I want to do the rest of our house since the outcome is so good.

Rio Rancho, NM

We bought these to eliminate the noise outside and regulate the temperature on our porch and they are AMAZING. Love that we can keep them closed during the day to keep the heat out and then open them at night to get some cool air.

Albuquerque, NM

I live next to a sports stadium with a public address sound system that sounds like it was built for the astrodome. Whenever there’s a baseball, soccer, or football event I have the unpleasant experience of knowing every play and every point scored or not scored. Although it is next door and not really in my front yard, it makes no difference, I live with the NOISE. The noise lives in my living room. After hours and hours of research I found a reputable MA company. Got the owner on the phone and in the first 5 minutes of conversation I knew I found the right avenue. Mr. Mann is extremely knowledgeable, quite easy to converse with and a good listener. He went directly to the heart of my issue and offered an affordable and immediate solution. About 5 weeks later I was SOUNDPROOFED to my complete satisfaction. He kept me informed and was involved in every step of this painless process. My condo is now heavenly quiet. It is hard to believe that something that is almost invisible can achieve such outstanding results. Although I have no plans of selling my condo, before I soundproofed it, I doubt that I could have ever found a buyer, unless he was deaf. As for doing business with Mr. Mann of Soundproof Window Treatments: He was excellent in every respect. He was immediate in his response, extremely helpful and quite knowledgeable regarding soundproofing. Everything proceeded according to his quote and his representation of the timing involved. I’m happy that I found his company’s website. It’s filled with lots of videos and photographs of his product installation. Quiet and invisible. I could not be more pleased!

Santa Fe, NM

Very professional and helpful. They have significantly lowered our energy costs in the summer keeping the house cool.