Made 100% in the USA

Concord, NH

I’m a super light sleeper and the noise of downtown traffic and people leaving restaurants late at night has always been an issue since I moved to Concord. Adding these to the soundproof window treatments in my bedroom was the best decision I have ever made. EZ Soundproof has made me sleep like a baby!

Manchester, NH

Love to support USA businesses! Richard was a delight to work with, I will definitely be purchasing window treatments from him for the rest of the bedrooms in our house.

Portsmouth, NH

We converted the second floor of our garage from a studio to an in-law apartment. We didn’t want to replace all the windows but adding these was a gamechanger. They not only have made the apartment peaceful and quiet, but has insulated it as well!

Nashua, NH

Excellent soundproofing but they also have been amazing for keeping our house insulated. We’ve only had them for a month but our heat clicks on way less since installation. Can’t wait to see how much money we have saved at the end of the season.

Keene, NH

The general noise of the town was creating a bad vibe in the little shop I manage. I convinced the owner to get these treatments for the windows (thank you Richard for helping us with the sizing) and now the store is so lovely and peaceful! Highly recommend!

Hampton Beach, NH

Sometimes the smell of the ocean is delightful but sometimes, in peak summer with the tide is dead low, I lament living near the beach. EZ Soundproof was the perfect solution–we can open and close them as needed and they keep all the unwanted smells out!

Bradford, NH

Our heat has been clicking on less frequently since we installed them and the noticeable draft of winters past is totally eliminated!

Conway, NH

Our house is near a busy bus stop and we are constantly woken up early in the morning by the bustle of the morning commute. Our neighbors used EZ Soundproof and said it changed their lives so we ordered as well. They were just installed yesterday and sleeping in this morning was perfection.

Hanover, NH

These are doing a great job but I’m blown away by the quality of these window treatments. They flawlessly fit into the design of our house. I have never seen another soundproofing option that looks as good!