Made 100% in the USA

Ocean City, MD

The summer noise when in our apartment was unbearable. EZ Soundproof is SO worth the cost of our new peace.

Annapolis, MD

Our beloved neighbor across the alley started learning trumpet and these window treatments have saved us.

Bethesda, MD

We actually bought these for our 100 year old Victorian house because we just couldn’t bare to replace the beautiful existing windows. These treatments, which took about 45 minutes to (easily) install, have totally reduced the draftiness while maintaining the original charm of the

Silver Spring, MD

Our landlord installed these for us on all the windows in our living room and bedrooms and our apartment is so much quieter now.

Towson, MD

Love this American-made product!!

Takoma Park, MD

I recently rebuilt a home within a few miles of Dulles International Airport. I knew that noise was one of the issues I wanted resolved. I expected to shell out thousands replacing walls and windows but was thrilled to meet Richard and see how easy it was to keep the sound out. Thank you Richard for all your help. You made my job simpler and incredibly successful.