Made 100% in the USA

Louisville, KY

These block out pretty much all the noise from the neighborhood, I love it.

Lexington, KY

The noise from the airport usually interrupts sleep, relaxation, phone calls, disturbs the pets. Not anymore! So pleased with these soundproof window treatments.

Frankfort, KY

Great performance.

Bowling Green, KY

These windows have totally changed the air quality in our house. I had no idea they would be so effective.

Paducah, KY

Love that they open and close and I can still get fresh air.

Owensboro, KY

Not like anything else on the market. We are so happy with them.

Somerset, KY

I purchased and installed the first treatments about a year ago and was so pleased that I ended up doing the rest of the house!

Florence, KY

Easier than expected to install!

Georgetown, KY

I live in Georgetown and being in a college town there are always loud parties and lots of people out and about. I got tired of all the noise and my search led me to Mr. Mann. He was very helpful in our initial discussions and quickly got me set up with exactly what I need to enjoy my now quiet and relaxing evenings at home.