Made 100% in the USA

Colorado Springs, CO

It is freezing cold where we live and we have found that our heat doesn’t click on as much in the winter.

Boulder, CO

Excellent quality for the price. Came quicker than expected.

Fort Collins, CO

Our condo is right next to a school and we were so fed up with all the noise from drop-off and pickup and recesses. We got these soundproof window treatments in our bedroom and they work so well I want to do our living room too!

Aurora, CO

Awesome. Totally cut down the noise heard in our downstairs living area.

Pueblo, CO

Richard was quick to respond and walked us through the measurement process to get our soundproof windows.

Estes Park, CO

My daughter was having a hard time with seasonal allergies (even with her window closed). We decided to get her one the EZ Soundproof Window Treatments and her symptoms have dramatically decreased. Better than an expensive air filtration system!

Breckenridge, CO

So so worth it for the price!

Denver, CO

After purchasing a perfect Townhouse in a beautiful community with a super price, my enthusiasm didn’t let me hear the freeway on the other side of the picturesque pond. The soundproof window treatments restored the tranquility I expected in my new home. The windows look great and does a wonderful job of stopping the endless highway noises.