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Arcadia, CA – Ernest W.

The Soundproof Windows Project at my house was sucessfully completed in May of 2011. I recall that Richard Mann’s installers worked 14 hours straight in order to get the job done. They were both very professional and genuine people. The windows have been working great. There is a noticeable traffic noise reduction. We could still hear the low frequency sounds if we really try to listen to it. That was my first and only project done via the internet. It turned out to be a very good one. It might not have been so rewarding had I not worked with people like Richard Mann and his staff.

San Jose, CA – Greg H.

deliver on time and improved noise level

Ventura, CA – Jennifer G.

After we spent our first night in our new rental apartment in Boston we were horrified to find the street traffic six floors down kept us awake all night. We submitted a form on the website on a Sunday night and Richard called us back within an hour. By the following Thursday we had a solution identified and we are now able to sleep easily in our apartment. We even got our landlord to pay for half the cost given it increases the value of the property, which was great since we were not too happy about investing money in a rental. I highly recommend this professional service.

Aliso Viejo, CA – Elena C.

When I first heard this INCREDIBLE & INVISIBLE soundproofing solution I was amazed at the level of noise reduction achieved by something that is invisible. I need to tell you that I was honestly surprised. I am most pleased to be able to contribute my skills, as a videographer, to aid in spreading the word about Soundproof Window Treatments.
People save a bundle by buying properties in noisy locations. Then simply soundproofing their existing windows with Soundproof Window Treatments to achieve the peace and quiet they desire. They can be in the middle of the action, close to their work and downtown clubs and restaurants without being disturbed by sirens and traffic noise.
I’ve seen the school where the teachers couldn’t even hear themselves think due to the outside noise. No wonder their students had a hard time concentrating. After the installation of SPWT’s, now they experience all the benefits of being able to hear the teacher. The students have improved their levels of concentration and are achieving better learning and test results.
I shot the video of one home located right on Route 9 in Wellesley where after we closed the windows, you felt like you were in a library, with absolutely no awareness of the auto, truck traffic and emergency vehicle noise just 50 feet outside speeding by on Route 9.
Watch and listen to the videos I shot and judge for yourself.
That is: Hear for Yourself.

Alhambra, CA

I live in a nice residential area of La Cañada but unfortunately so do a lot of teenagers who seem to partake in parties and underage drinking quite frequently. Some nights it seemed like the stereo was blaring in my living room not theirs! Aside from one of us moving out of the neighborhood I thought I had no options. Then I found your window treatments and voila problem solved. I can now go back to enjoying my quiet evenings at home with my family and listen to the music I choose to listen to. Thank you – great product!

Los Angeles, CA

We live on Barry Ave in LA and before installing your window treatments it was not uncommon for a big jet to scream in low and wake us up at close to 2 AM! The intrusions happened again and again throughout the weeks, months and years, and it only got worse. The loud sounds and sleep deprivation was becoming a form of torture for my family. Your product is amazing and it actually saved us by stopping the jet torture!!!

Los Angeles, CA

Thank you Mr. Mann for my Soundproof Window Treatments. Beachwood Drive, where I live is a very popular place with the tourist. Tour buses crowded with photo-snapping tourists drive up and down the street generating ridiculous amounts of noise. On weekends, it’s every 10 minutes and in the past six months; it has gotten a lot worse. The busses blast their speakers and cruise the streets after dark. Now I finally don’t have to hear it anymore and I’m more grateful than you will ever know!

San Diego, CA

Thank you Richard Mann. I live within 2 miles of San Diego International Airport and I can honestly say I rarely if ever hear a plane fly over! Your window Treatments really work.

San Diego, CA

I don’t know how any of my neighbors could live in the same neighborhood as Qualcom stadium without having these window treatments. Before having them installed we were constantly disturbed at all hours by traffic lined up hours before the games, ticket scalpers yelling on every corner, and the fans fighting, drunken misconduct, Then there was the oh so lovely sound of the use of the stadium for off street racing, piercing your eardrums for hours on weekends. It’s insane out there! At least now all the noise of the craziness we live in stay on the streets.
Thank you Soundproof Window Treatments!

San Diego, CA

Corte Sosegado has the look of a quiet suburban street, with homes neatly painted off-white with rust-colored trim and well-groomed yards. But there’s nothing quiet about it. Since lanes were added to I-15, we all hear the constant roar of tires thundering on pavement, truckers heartily downshifting and applying air brakes, and motorcyclists revving their engines. And by the end of the year, the freeway will grow to 14 lanes, up from nine. My family and I longed for the days when all we heard was the low rumble of white noise from the freeway. I tried sleeping with earplugs and a homemade sound wall propped against the sliding glass door in my bedroom but nothing worked. Finally I got in touch with Richard Mann and he brought the serenity back to my home by installing some real soundproofing that actually works on my windows and doors. Thank you so much your product is amazing.

San Diego, CA

Before the installation of my Soundproof Window Treatments the sight of a truck pulling in front of my neighbor’s home always triggered attacks – sweats, heart palpitations, headache, and sour stomach. And worst of all, a terrible sense of dread. I knew, chairs would be unloaded from the truck and guests would take their seats in the driveway for yet another karaoke party in my quiet Mira Mesa neighborhood. Twelve hours of loud, off-key renditions of songs by the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand and Engelbert Humperdinck would follow. When I saw that truck, I’d start hyperventilating. My personality would change, too. My wife and my kids would see that I was becoming upset. It was very hard because I knew guests were on their way over and there was nothing I could do. It was so loud, so terrible. Now I can actually laugh when I see the truck pull up as I know all my other neighbors will be the one’s suffering while I get to spend the evening relaxing in my QUIET home! Thank you!

San Francisco, CA

Richard Mann your Window Treatments are a blessing! We live right across the street from a very loud church in the Hayes Valley neighborhood of San Francisco. At first we thought it was kind of nice being near a place of worship, but we quickly got fed up. There are very loud services with singing and all sorts of instruments that are probably amplified, as well as random drumming practices. It goes on for hours, and it’s on weekdays and weekends. I work from home, and it’s nice to work in cafes, but I hated the feeling like I couldn’t enjoy my own home. Plus, not being able to relax in our living room on Sunday evenings was kind of a bummer. The soundproof treatments are beautiful and worth every penny!

Santa Cruz, CA

After moving into my new apartment with the beautiful view of the bay I quickly discovered a major problem – watercraft more specifically Jetskis, Sea Doos, and Waverunners. They are fun to watch but definitely not fun to hear for extended periods of time. I got in touch with Richard Mann and in no time my beautiful picture windows were soundproofed. I still have my amazing view but no longer need to hear the engines.

Sherman Oaks, CA

I live within a few miles of the Expo line construction but unlike all my neighbors I actually get to sleep! Thanks you Soundproof Window Treatments!

Sunnyvale, CA

I live 12 stories up in a building above one of San Francisco’s noisiest intersections. Even though my apartment is 12 stories above the ground, several days a week, a street musician across the street plays his trumpet so that I could hear every note of every cheesy melody he played for passerby’s. Even with the blinds down and a fan on, I still heard him. Not anymore though thanks to my amazing Soundproof Window Treatments! Thank you Mr. Mann!

Ventura, CA

I moved into an apartment on a major street feeding into downtown that is 6 lanes wide and packed during peak hours but pretty busy 24/7. My apartment is on the 3rd floor maybe 40 feet from the road and has huge single pane windows. The cars don’t just drive by; they brake for a light, and then accelerate again including large buses. I could hear all this in my apartment and after living in a very peaceful house I must say it was very annoying and I just couldn’t take it. I had even read a study about how people who live in areas of high traffic noise have worse health, more stress etc. and I didn’t want that to happen to me. I found Soundproof Window Treatments online and they solved the problem by covering my huge window panes with their soundproof window treatments. I still have my view but I don’t have to constantly hear all the cars, busses and trucks now. Thank you so much Mr. Mann.