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Soundproof Window FAQ’s

Want to learn more about Sound Proof windows?

Read how custom Soundproof Window Treatments are the best interior acoustic solution. Each Soundproof Window Treatment works in concert with, and capitalizes on, your existing exterior window or door to create a dead-air cavity that buffers noise, insulates, and seals out cold, heat gain and heat loss, drafts, pollen, dirt, odors, dust and UV rays.

Sound Proof Window Treatments are the choice of architects, interior acoustic consultants, building managers and owners, interior designers and construction managers world-wide.

Expect 75% to 95% soundproofing. Say goodbye to annoyances caused by loud neighbors, traffic noises, airplanes overhead, construction zones, etc. Sound Proof Window Treatments’ top-of-the-line technology means a quiet, peaceful interior environment.

No. Sound Proof Window Treatments are added to your existing windows.

Yes, our windows are designed for interior use. However, in certain instances, we are able to offer you installation on the outside of your existing windows.

Almost invisible. Sound Proof Window Treatments are completely customizable in terms of shape, size, and color. After installation, your new windows will seem to disappear!

Yes, your operable exterior windows will still be fully accessible after your Sound Proof Window Treatments are installed.

Almost always. Although it depends on which Sound Proof Window Treatments you choose, in nearly every case your blinds will still fit your windows perfectly.

Absolutely. Sound Proof Window Treatments are considered to be “interior storm windows.” and provide protection against tornadoes, hurricanes, and windstorms, as well as virtually eliminating the infiltration of drafts and allergens.

Definitely not. No matter what style of Sound Proof Window Treatment you choose, they are moveable for easy cleaning. If necessary, you can even remove our windows, clean your exterior windows from the inside, and replace them with very little effort.

Yes. Our windows will not change the exterior structure of your building, so they do not violate any city bylaws or pose any problems for city planning agencies.