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Traffic Noise Solution

Block Out Traffic Noise Permanently

Are you tired of traffic noise from city buses, garbage trucks, motorcycles, 18-wheelers, and even boat traffic on lakes constantly disturbing your peace? It’s time to extinguish those disruptive noises forever.

Our acoustic, laminated glass soundproof windows, doors and skylights provide an affordable solution to eliminate noise from disturbing the privacy of your living and/or working space—forever!

Surround yourself with our acoustic glass soundproof windows and doors to enjoy restful sleep at night and serenity during your day at home. In the office, it will give you the tranquility you deserve to focus and work, uninterrupted.

75-95% Reduction of Exterior Noise Forever!

Our acoustic laminated glass soundproof windows, doors and skylights forever eliminate 75-95% of car, motorcycle, buses, 18-wheeler noise and even heavy construction noise.

Testimonial Videos

Middle School –ADHD Kids Distracted by Nearby Highway

City Condo / Disruptive City Traffic Silenced

Boston Condo / Buses, Trucks, Major Through-fare Noise Extinguished