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Smithfield, RI – Mike A.

I don’t normally give reviews but I had to in this instance.
I have an office on a very busy road. Even when the windows were closed—the noise was so annoying to me especially when I was on the phone. An ambulance or a motorcycle would almost completely drown out my hearing during a call.
I came across SWT and spoke to Richard and truth is —This guy knows soundproof windows! He hooked me up with the windows that I had installed and they are perfect! I am amazed at the difference now! It’s like having an office in a new location. I am very VERY satisfied with the service quality and customer service and highly recommend calling Richard! Thank you Sound Proof Windows!


Warwick, RI

So far, excellent! The process of getting them ordered and installed was easy and transparent. Richard was a delight to deal with, I’ve been recommending EZ Soundproof to all my friends and family.


Pawtucket, RI

Wonderful soundproofing for our bedroom. We are no longer woken up by the general disturbances of life. Plows, traffic, and people scraping off their cars at 6am have not been a bother this year like they have in winters past!


Providence, RI

Living in Providence is great for staying busy but it’s hard to get some peace and quiet when you want it. Our apartment is in a big building overlooking downtown and we just couldn’t relax in our home when we wanted to. We added these to our living room windows and the difference is night and day! So impressive that we will be doing our bedroom as well.


Cranston, RI

These window treatments are thick and so high quality, they look like part of the original build. Easy to clean and are doing such an excellent job keeping neighborhood noise out.


Westerly, RI

I was wary of the cost at first but let me tell you, they are so worth it!


Middletown, RI

I love this product anyway but I was very impressed specifically with Richard and love that this is an American made and sold product!


Newport, RI

We live right near the beautiful Salve Regina campus in an old  home. We thought that noise from students would just be part of life but we were able to add these to our original windows and totally soundproof our bedroom! We haven’t been bothered by any more noise from campus since!


Narragansett, RI

We added these to our garage which is insulated but the windows were so drafty that it was impossible to regulate the temperature. We added two of these window treatments and the difference has been phenomenal. Excellent climate control!!


Bristol, RI

We live near the train line and the sounds are such a disturbance. The horn, alarms of the traffic stop, sound of the train on the tracks, and general noise of commuters getting on and off have plagued our home for years. These are a gamechanger!!! We actually have the train schedule pretty much down and we will close the windows at the right times and it has made such a difference in the general mood around the house. Such an easy fix with a huge impact!

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