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I have a full blown night club 20 feet across an alley from my bed, the music noise from the club and street noise from patrons smoking and congregating in the street was unbearable. It has been reduced to nothing most of the time and maybe a low rumble, not very noticeable at peak times. Please note: this is a full modern, loud, popular night club.

The EZSoundproof windows that are installed in our home are excellent and the best windows that we could find in the USA. The quality, workmanship and quietness are superior to any other brand. Richard Mann has been great to work with and we have had no issues or problems with the windows at all. We give our highest rating and you will be totally pleased dealing with Richard.

Excellent product… it works as represented. Easy to contact with questions and information. Easy DIY project, easy to understand instructions. Key part of our noise reduction options.

 Having now used these windows for over two years on a busy corner with lots of traffic, they seem to provide the sound isolation as promised.  I’m satisfied with the product, and would purchase it again.

 We absolutely love our EZsoundproof windows. They really do the trick to keep out road noise. It was also great working with Richard. We had a problem with one pane being broken in shipment, and Richard was relentless in making sure we got it corrected. We’ve told all our friends and neighbors how great these windows are.

The windows work great! I used them because my bedroom windows were on a busy street with a lot of buses throughout the morning and evening. The windows really helped greatly damped that noise and helped me sleep at night. They also keep the cold and warm drafts out and help with electric and heating bills. Setup was very easy with minimal tools required. I would certainly buy again.

After purchasing a perfect townhouse in a beautiful community with a super price, my enthusiasm didn’t let me hear the freeway on the other side of the picturesque pond. The EZsoundproof window treatments restored the tranquility I expected in my new home. The windows looks great and does a wonderful job of stopping the endless highway noises.

 I recently rebuilt a home within a few miles of Dulles International Airport. I knew that noise was one of the issues I wanted resolved. I expected to shell out thousands replacing walls and windows but was thrilled to meet Richard and see how easy it was to keep the sound out.Thank you Richard for all your help. You made my job simpler and incredibly successful.

 Thank you EZSoundproof Window Treatments you really helped our family. Our house is about three miles from the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre. I normally love music but times like 11:30 on a Sunday night it’s not what I want to hear. My family needs its sleep and the music was definitely interfering before we got our window treatments. Now we can all fall asleep and stay asleep without any loud music.

 When we bought our condo near Atlanta airport we knew we’d need some sort of sound proofing. EZSoundproof Window Treatments work great and since they’re removable they can not be seen from the outside there were no issues with my condo rules.

Having an apartment that is close to the pool seemed like a good idea until it started to be used. Tenants of all ages use the pool and they all make noise! Thanks to my EZSoundproof Window Treatments I can now see the pool but don’t have to hear all the chatter, screaming and splashing.

Three cheers to you Mr. Mann for quieting the fans! Living near Cowboys Stadium meant hearing lots of noisy fans both in and around the stadium. Now the only fans we hear are on the TV when we choose to watch the game.

 My soundproof window has made it possible to sleep in my bedroom again and I am very satisfied and would not hesitate to recommend EZSoundproof to anyone or order one myself. Thank you for all your help, Happy customer in a Florida Condo.

Richard Mann installed EZsoundproof windows in our bedroom which has two ultra windows overlooking the Mass Pike… We couldn’t be happier… the sounds of the rail station and subway and traffic on the expressway no longer intrude on our sleep… Beautiful! Thanks Richard!

 I live in Astoria, known as one of Queens’ noisiest neighborhoods yet you would never know it thanks to my EZSoundproof Window Treatments. Richard was a pleasure to work with from my first phone call to my last install. Thank you for keeping the sound where it should be – outside!

 I live in an area that is close to Highway 56. When we moved in I knew we would hear the constant buzzing of traffic and were prepared to “deal”with that but then when the wind blew from the north east, the traffic noise became so unbearable. We tried getting heavy drapes for the windows but it didn’t really help and we missed the sunshine. Then I found EZSoundproof Window Treatments. It is like the highway has been moved. I can honestly say we don’t hear one car or truck anymore – at least not when we’re inside!

I live in a nice residential area of La Cañada but unfortunately so do a lot of teenagers who seem to partake in parties and underage drinking quite frequently. Some nights it seemed like the stereo was blaring in my living room not theirs! Aside from one of us moving out of the neighborhood I thought I had no options. Then I found your window treatments and voila problem solved. I can now go back to enjoying my quiet evenings at home with my family and listen to the music I choose to listen to. Thank you – great product!

 The early morning leaf blowers and delivery trucks that woke me up every morning are now a thing of the past – at least so it seems thanks to my new window treatments. I cannot believe how well they keep the sounds out – thank you Mr. Mann and EZSoundproof!

 I live in Georgetown and being in a college town there are always loud parties and lots of people out and about. I got tired of all the noise and my search led me to Mr. Mann. He was very helpful in our initial discussions and quickly got me set up with exactly what I need to enjoy my now quiet and relaxing evenings at home.

 Noise from a club in the 800 block of Warner Street has been an ongoing problem for the neighborhood for awhile now. I am happy to say that thanks to your window treatments I am no longer one of the neighbors complaining about the noise!

 The train was seriously starting to drive me crazy! In addition to squealing, there is a loud thumping when trains pass a crossover switch at South Walden Street, near the Mount Baker Station. I am so happy I discovered your company. I couldn’t imagine spending another day hearing those trains! Great staff and great product!

I live in Andersonville and even though my neighborhood is beautiful I was going crazy with all people in the hood who decide that mowing your lawn at 7 a.m. is a good idea. I started out by getting EZSoundproof Window Treatments for just my bedroom. I love them so much that now I’m thinking about getting the whole house done!

The 42nd Ward is a bustling, vibrant metropolitan area and home to new development and growth. Because of the high level of economic activity and construction in our downtown neighborhood we installed EZSoundproof window treatments in our entire home. Now the noise stays on the streets where it belongs.

 Having an apartment right in Lower Greenville is great. All the rooftop bar patios in the area complete with live music not so great when it comes time to go to bed. It got to the point where I would hear instruments blaring in my dreams. I couldn’t take it anymore! After some online investigating I came across EZSoundproof Window Treatments. They were installed in no time and now I get to choose when I want to go out and enjoy the music and when I want to sleep in peace and quiet.

Before I discovered EZSoundproof Window Treatments I was about to go insane from a dog of all things. My neighbors have a rather large dog that is kept outside 24/7. He frequently just stands at the fence and barks for hours on end. After speaking with my neighbors and the police and finding no resolution I contacted Richard Mann to resolve the problem a new way –by keeping the sound out. Now he can bark to his heart’s content and this neighbor doesn’t have to hear it!

 Great product – I live within a few miles of Pacific Raceways and can honestly say I have never heard a roar of an engine or squeal of a tire from inside my house! The EZsoundproof treatments were worth every penny.

I live within a few miles of the Expo line construction but unlike all my neighbors I actually get to sleep! Thank you EZSoundproof Window Treatments!

 The early morning leaf blowers and delivery trucks that woke me up every morning are now a thing of the past – at least so it seems thanks to my new window treatments. I cannot believe how well they keep the sounds out – thank you Mr. Mann!

 We live on Barry Ave in LA and before installing your window treatments it was not uncommon for a big jet to scream in low and wake us up at close to 2 AM! The intrusions happened again and again throughout the weeks, months and years, and it only got worse. The loud sounds and sleep deprivation was becoming a form of torture for my family. Your product is amazing and it actually saved us by stopping the jet torture!!!

Living in Dupont Circle, the heart of Washington, DC’s nightlife there were not many times when it was actually quiet in my apartment. I’m happy to say that has all changed now that I’ve got my new EZSoundproof Window Treatments. These interior soundproof window treatments are truly amazing. They look beautiful and somehow keep all the noise on the streets below where it should be. Thank you Richard.

We live in a condo in downtown Atlanta and the noise levels especially on the weekends are unbearable. We love our condo but were starting to think we would have to move because we just couldn’t sleep. Then we found EZSoundproof Window Treatments. We figured it was worth a shot since we really didn’t want to leave. The treatments are even better than we could have ever imagined! Thank you Mr. Mann for giving us back our sleep and allowing us to stay in our home.

These EZSoundproof Window Treatments have saved my life. My house is situated as close to the MassPike as it could possibly be, so all day everyday you would have to contend with the noise from rush hour traffic, mid-day commuters, and constant road work. Richard explained to me how the soundproof windows work. I just figured that any improvement would be worth the expense. Fortunately my expectations were far surpassed! The windows perform beautifully and it is actually pleasant to be home. In my opinion they are cheap at thrice the price. And they are not inexpensive.

Thank you Mr. Mann for my EZSoundproof Window Treatments. Beachwood Drive,where I live is a very popular place with the tourist. Tour buses crowded with photo-snapping tourists drive up and down the street generating ridiculous amounts of noise. On weekends, it’s every 10 minutes and in the past six months; it has gotten a lot worse. The busses blast their speakers and cruise the streets after dark. Now I finally don’t have to hear it anymore and I’m more grateful than you will ever know!

I live in an apartment in the Oak Lawn area of Dallas right across the street from a bar. Many nights the music and people outside were so loud I couldn’t sleep at all. I wasn’t happy at home and my work was suffering due to lack of concentration. Something had to be done! I got in touch with Richard Mann and now all my windows have EZsoundproof treatments. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical but these are absolutely amazing. I recommend them to people all the time.

After moving into my new apartment with the beautiful view of the bay I quickly discovered a major problem – watercraft more specifically Jetskis, Sea Doos, and Waverunners. They are fun to watch but definitely not fun to hear for extended periods of time. I got in touch with Richard Mann and in no time my beautiful picture windows were soundproofed. I still have my amazing view but no longer need to hear the engines.

I cannot say enough about these windows! First I live in a condominium complex that has tougher than tough rules and regulations. I was not allowed to replace the entire window unit and Richard offered the ultimate solution… Interior windows that go over the inside of the window and VERY cost effective.They are virtually unnoticeable and the savings is unbelievable! No more drafts AND the other benefit…I have dogs so they reduce the noise as well. Richard was the ultimate professional and did an unbelievable job…clean…timely…pricing / budget and did I mention CLEAN. Wow.

I have a full blown night club 20 feet across an alley from my bed, the music noise from the club and street noise from patrons smoking and congregating in the street was unbearable. It has been reduced to nothing most of the time and maybe a low rumble, not very noticeable at peak times. Please note: this is a full modern, loud, popular night club.

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