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Ballston Lake, NY – Thomas S.

Description Of Work: The installation included measuring the installed windows in the casements. The sound proof windows are custom made to fit on the interior side of the window pane. No demolition of the exterior windows occurs. This was an important feature because I wanted to retain the look, style, and authenticity of the original Tudor windows. Although not in the historical district, my house is very near the Belmont historical district.
Member Comments: The project went very well. Richard quoted the price and made the measurements exactly to specification. The project went well and I have had a multi-year relationship with him and can attest to his integrity as well as the quality of his work.
I have known Richard for the past 7 years, introduced to him when I needed to satisfy two requirements for upgrading windows on a recently purchased 80+ year old home: They needed to be storms and they needed to be sound proof. The original Tudor Style windows existed and to replace those I received estimates upwards of Thirty Thousand Dollars. Being a vintage “This Old House,” I needed to make many improvements, so 30+K was not in my budget. When Richard came to my house, he measured 17 windows that varied in size from 17 by 38 to 72 by 62. When they arrived, I helped the trucker move them into my house. One of the windows arrived damaged, so I did not accept that one. Richard made it right, however, see below. Richard completed the job in a couple of days. Some follow-up was required because of fitting and the damaged frame I mentioned earlier. All in all, a very successful installation.
I am writing of this customer experience after so many years because I was unaware of Angies List, and a recent interaction helped me realize this recommendation was long overdue. From my first experience in 2004 to today in 2011, I find that Richard is as customer focused today as then; and not only does he personify the adage that every customer should feel like he’s your only customer, but he also makes you feel like you are his most important customer. From 2004, when he did the installation, we encountered a couple of manufacturing issues that Richard doggedly pursued and worked with the company to satisfactorily resolve. Neither my wife nor I had take time from work or shepherd these project issues. He earned high marks on resolving the issues and finishing project. As a result, we kept the cold and din out, and the heat and quiet in. In my experience with home projects, I rarely have such complete trust and confidence in a contractor as I do in Richard Mann. As I mentioned, the windows worked well. Richard now has his own line of sound proof windows.
In addition to the installation of the sound proof windows, I have asked Richard to do some other small jobs and most recently to monitor and help me with the fire department’s inspection of my house for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Because of an urgent family matter, I could not be present and being so close to my closing, I did not want to reschedule. I thought of Richard Mann. He not only did the 11K job with diligence and oversight, but also did some smaller ones for me as well. He was the one person who I considered able to pinch hit with this inspection and install any alarms the department considered out-of-compliance with the state regulation. It’s rare, to say the least, that you can find someone who is willing to take a small job such as this one, but give it the same diligence and care as he would the more complex and profitable projects.
In conclusion, if you require a skilled person to update your current window system because you live on a busy street, sound proof windows, in my mind, are your best option. If you have other work that other contractors cannot perform, Richard Mann is your best option.


Queens, NY

I live in Astoria, known as one of Queens’ noisiest neighborhoods yet you would never know it thanks to my Soundproof Window Treatments. Richard was a pleasure to work with from my first phone call to my last install. Thank you for keeping the sound where it should be – outside!


Port Jefferson, NY – Nancy W.

My husband and I live on Long Island, New York, and we recently purchased two custom soundproof windows for each of the second floor bedrooms of our townhouse from Soundproof Windows. These windows have significantly reduced the outside noises (train whistle in the distance, cars driving by, air conditioning unit), which had become bothersome for us. They look very nice and are clearly of very good quality. Richard Mann was extremely professional and reliable throughout the process, always returning our phone calls in a very timely manner and patiently and willingly answering our many questions and clarifying the details of the process of measuring, ordering and installing the windows. One of the windows had been damaged during delivery, and Richard was very helpful in having a replacement sent to us soon after, at no additional cost to us. One measurement tip for those who will be ordering custom windows: We would suggest using the LARGEST measurements of the window space for height and width if there are slight differences.


Ithaca, NY

Love that these are made 100% in the USA


Niagara Falls, NY

We live very near the falls and there hasn’t really been a way before to keep the condensation out. These are immensely helpful at keeping our house dry!


Manhattan, NY

On most mornings I would wake before dawn to the sounds of men hauling trash from the alley beneath my window in the East Village. I would hear the truck’s engine roaring, its radio blasting, and the shouts of the men. And when they raised the dumpster and dropped it back to the ground, it sounded like they were throwing air conditioners off the roof! Thanks to Soundproof Window Treatments now I actually get to wake up to my alarm clock and sometimes even sleep in! I occasionally even peek out the window just to make sure the garbage men have still done their job. I can’t believe I don’t hear a thing anymore! Great product!


Garden City, NY

I live on Stratford Avenue in Garden City and over the past 18 months there has been a significant increase in the number of airplanes flying over our home as they descend to land at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Some evenings planes will fly every 90 seconds along the same flight path from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m., and then resume at 4:30 a.m. Not only was the noise incredibly annoying but it was actually affecting my entire family by causing my children to wake up during the night. It got to the point where I actually resorted to turning my central air conditioning system on just to provide background noise to help drown out the airplanes! After some research online I discovered Soundproof Window Treatments and I must say I feel like we have our normal life back! If I couldn’t see them I would think all the planes were rerouted. We all now enjoy our evenings and sleep soundly through the night. Thank you


Brooklyn, NY

A skate park was recently built near my home in Brooklyn NY. It’s unbelievable but the noise of the skateboards on the ramps is equivalent to a freight train going through our house. My daughter became unable do her schoolwork, and my wife and I work full time and have very little down time as it is. This new noise was preventing us from watching TV and even talking on the phone. I believe it actually started to have a devastating effect on our health and we felt we could no longer find peace in our own home. Thus why we decided to try Soundproof Window Treatments. I was unsure about the cost at first but it has been well worth every penny to have our quiet home back. Thank you!


Rochester, NY

We bought these for our apartment because we aren’t allowed to make any permanent modifications and the noise from the street was making it impossible to sleep. So far they are absolutely awesome. Totally peaceful in our room now.


Syracuse, NY

We live right by SU and the noise from the partying has been a constant issue since we moved in. EZ Soundproof has absolutely saved us.


New York, NY – Hikari L.

I need sleep and my road is too loud and crazy. Well I called them, got the windows in on time and working great. It was so easy and I love them. A great investment (deffo worth it!) 


Albany, NY

Excellent for soundproofing and also excellent for keeping the chill out of our house.

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