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If you own a commercial or residential property in New Jersey (NJ), you deserve to have a space that you, your loved ones, or tenants can thoroughly enjoy. New Jersey is a beautiful state to live in, and the wide range of city or suburban living options can make an ideal place to settle down. But sometimes outside noises can cause disruption and even impact your sleep.

That’s why EZ Sound Proof is here to help with our soundproof window treatments that can block out the external noise and provide you with a living space where you can easily relax. You deserve to live in a comfortable and quiet environment, so let our soundproof windows help with their superior noise-canceling technology.

A Reliable Soundproof Window

A soundproof window can be a great addition to your home or commercial property for a variety of reasons. If you work in an environment that requires an immense amount of focus, a soundproof window can help eliminate outside distractions while still providing you with spectacular views of the outdoors.

If you have a downtown home or apartment and you have small children trying to have a successful nap time, a soundproof window can help them stay asleep and avoid any frightening outside noises. Each of our windows is made from high-quality glass and fitted with noise-canceling technology so that you can have a quiet and calm space.

We pride ourselves on our affordable prices and fast shipping so that you can quickly install your new soundproof windows with ease. We stand by the quality of our windows and are happy to discuss the needs of your property so that you can have the perfect set of soundproof windows. We’ve been in the window industry for many years and can easily resolve any of your concerns.

A Team of Window Experts You Can Count On

So for reliable soundproof windows and a stellar customer service experience, contact EZ Sound Proof to place an order and create the relaxing space of your dreams. To learn more, give us a call at 866-547-5376.


Atlantic City, NJ

I cannot say enough about how these windows have helped us keep out the sounds of the riff raff of AC.


Trenton, NJ

These windows have been great for keeping out the general noise of the city around our apartment.


Hoboken, NJ

Great noise reduction so far!


Princeton, NJ

Princeton is a huge party school and while I love our old classic house, the windows just weren’t cutting it in terms of soundproofing. Richard at EZ Soundproof provided an affordable, quality solution and I am so happy with the outcome.


Newark, NJ

Newark Airport is constantly bustling and I honestly thought I was going to have to pay a ton of money for new windows to help keep some of the sound out. These were a great affordable, quality option!


Beach Haven, NJ

Living on LBI is amazing but the summer sounds can be overwhelming with all the tourists. These have been a godsend. Help with keeping the place warm in the winter when its super windy too.


Cape May, NJ

The process was so easy and transparent from the beginning, I would highly recommend EZ Soundproof.


Jersey City, NJ

I was shocked that I was able to find a well-made soundproofing option but here we are!


Hasbrouck Heights, NJ


When I moved in across the street from a fire station I did realize that I would occasionally be bothered by the sounds of sirens but not all the other noises associated with the station. I have since learned that they test the functionality of their chainsaws almost EVERY morning between the hours of 8AM and 9AM. I mean once a week understandable maybe a couple of times a week around 3PM or in the middle of the afternoon. But come on, in the morning they run the thing for over ten minutes. There was nothing like hearing my alarm to wake up over the comforting roar of a chainsaw and the ladder motor that they test as well. Obviously I needed help and Soundproof Window Treatments came to my rescue! I now wake to the sound of my alarm clock and only my alarm clock!

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