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Danvers, MA – Kent S.

After using these windows for over 2 years, and reading some of the negative and positive reviews, this is what I’ve got to say:  We live on a very busy corner with constant traffic–a real “test case” for such a thing.  Bottom line is I believe the windows work OK. We still get considerable road noise, though not nearly as much as before, yet I believe a large portion of that current noise is from several sections in our wall that don’t have the proper sound isolation.

After initially installing the windows I was quite disappointed, as we still had lots of sound. So, the next step was to use “green glue” and sheet rock for more insulation on the walls, which helped considerably, but there was still lots of sound. I complained and Richard came out to look at the situation. His conclusion, which I tend to agree with, is that most of our sound is coming through several places in the wall which were not reinforced with the green glue and sheet rock due to the existence of radiators. The windows were no longer the weakest link in the system.

So, the windows do seem to work, as long as the windows are the weakest link in the system. If the walls or something else is the weaker link, sound comes through that, and it must be addressed. If most of the noise is coming through the windows, then these windows will likely work well to address that problem. If the noise comes from elsewhere, then those issues need to be addressed.

I did find that Richard was personable and helpful, especially at first. He did seem a bit defensive and frustrated with my complaints, but I feel that’s somewhat natural as so many people likely expect these windows to be somewhat of a one stop “cure” to what can be a far more complex noise problem with multiple issues which need addressing. The windows only address the window issue, not the walls or other issues, which may also be present, though I do suspect that typically windows are the weakest link to begin with, and are the first issues which need addressing.


Boston, MA – Sam W.

Richard went beyond the great sound-proofing job he did for my bedroom windows and even helped me insulate my heating pipes so it would not be too hot once the windows were installed. Even helped me with my curtains! He got the job done and then some!


Boston, MA

I live on Mass Ave at the corner of Tremont St., in the South End and the construction and traffic the noise was making it difficult and at most times impossible to sleep. We could hear everything, buses idling, sirens  (Boston Medical Center), horns, motorcycles. We hired Richard Mann to install our soundproof windows in early January and things have been MUCH better since then. I can sleep through the night with no problem. I can barely hear the traffic outside. They look very good too. The fit and finish is all custom carpentry and consequently looks very good and fits in the existing window box perfectly. The carpentry took one afternoon and the window install took another few hours. I have nothing at all to complain about. Lastly, Richard is a nice guy who is extremely responsive to phone calls and/or emails and is very transparent with pricing. He runs the kind of company that you want to do business with.


Jamaica Plain, MA

EZ Soundproof Windows and Richard Mann provide interior windows that are installed inside existing windows, thus eliminating the need for replacement windows. I live above the Arborway in Jamaica Plain, an area chronically plagued by toxic noise emanating from the hundreds of ambulances that traverse the Arborway, 24/7. The windows are handsome and aesthetically pleasing (I ordered two for my kitchen) and they do eliminate virtually all of the ambient street traffic noise and much (I’d say 75%) of the siren noise. Thus, I feel that the investment was a worthwhile one. I’d like to have these windows installed throughout my house.

This is a superior product—there are no shortcuts in dealing with urban noise toxicity—and these windows are definitely worth considering if you live in an area plagued by noise. Richard came by the house on very short notice to give me an estimate and he was punctual, professional, and knowledgeable. The windows are made to order and manufactured in Nevada—you must pay up front for the cost of the windows and they take about four weeks to arrive. The installation itself could not have gone smoother—Richard met the shipping company freight truck here at my house with a helper and they off loaded the windows and installed them in less than two hours.

The windows look great and the installation was done neatly, efficiently, and professionally. Richard Mann and EZ Soundproof Windows have provided me with a great product, a superior installation, and a most positive contractor experience. I would definitely hire them again.


Yarmouth, MA

The early morning leaf blowers and delivery trucks that woke me up every morning are now a thing of the past – at least so it seems thanks to my new soundproof windows. I cannot believe how well they keep the sounds out – thank you Mr. Mann!


Boston, MA – Winnie S.

It really works! 6 years ago I had a soundproof window installed in my bedroom. I definitely felt a big difference in the sound reduction, insulation, and quality of my sleep. Richard had the window promptly installed after it arrived. I have been so pleased that now I am ready to put another window in the other bedroom! I called Richard up and he told me to give him measurements of the window. He called me right back and gave me the estimates. He was forthright with the price of the window and associated costs. He was timely in coming over and taking exact measurements. It has been a pleasure to work with Richard and I would do so again in a heartbeat.


Franklin, MA – Julie V.

These sound proof windows are absolutely the BEST bang for your buck! I live in a condo and replacement windows were cheesy and costly. I put these sound proof windows in and my savings in heat has been incredible! I also have dogs so the noise reduction helps with the barking. If you are considering replacement windows this is the go to man! Richard can work through any situation with finesse and grace! Thank you : )


Boston, MA – Aggelos V.

My wife and I live near a busy road and were interested in changing our windows to add some additional sound proofing to the house. We had little experience with window replacement or home repairs, so we were delighted when we met Richard Mann. Richard is above all an honest and incredibly knowledgeable person in regards to home repairs, window designing and replacement, and sound proofing. Prior to meeting Richard, we had contacted three other window companies all of whom gave us estimates above $15,000 to replace all of our windows using aggressive sales tactics. What a welcome relief Richard was!

Richard methodically explained to us the science of window sound proofing and then took us on a tour of his previous commissions. He explained to us that we did not need new windows, which were all less than 10 years old, but rather interior sound proofing windows. This alone saved us more than half on the prior estimates! Richard ordered our sound proofing windows and then had them installed in our house by his expert staff, all highly trained and experienced carpenters, handymen, and window installers. They were all professional and cleaned up after themselves, what a pleasant experience! Furthermore, Richard noted some additional repairs that needed to be done around he house and did them for free!

What a refreshing experience! As a home-owner who has dealt with numerous contractors, handymen, and repairmen, I can wholeheartedly say that Richard is the most outstanding contractor I have ever dealt with. He is honest, hard-working, knowledgeable, and he’s a great guy to boot! He is definitely worth your time!


Chestnut Hill, MA – J G.

I have had a great experience with my sound proof windows over the last 8 years! When I bought my condo I did not realize how much I could hear the street noise even living on the top floor of the building. I live near a very busy street. Noise had been a big concern from my previous condo. They really block the noisy traffic and many of my neighbors constantly complain about the noise so I know how much they work since all I hear is quiet!
Great service and a great investment!


Boston, MA – Kristine F.

I recently moved to another home in Boston that is on a busy and noisy street. Especially due to the fact the bus stop is right outside my bedroom window. Every morning I would wake up to the sound of the bus engine gearing up at 5:30am. I had to find a way to silence my room! I contacted Richard and he was very responsive and helpful explaining all the benefits, costs, installing details and even readily provided references.

The windows came within 6 weeks as expected. I had friends install the windows. It did take a full day to install 3 windows but it was not a complicated task. I live in a historic home and the windows are unnoticeable from the outside and inside – as they mirror the original windows. The vibrations from the bus and trucks has cut down considerably. While it is not completely soundproof (and Richard explained it would not be 100%), the street noise is more palable and we are not woken by the buses. Richard is professional, honest, helpful and responsive. I would highly recommend his service!




Somerville, MA – Priscilla C.

My loft condo is right next to the commuter tracks in East Somerville. The bedroom is closest to the tracks and McGrath Hwy is on the other side of the tracks so there is plenty of noise coming at the unit. Before I purchased the unit I knew that window treatments were going to be needed. The train may as well have been running right through my bedroom from the noise. Richard suggested doors instead of windows as they are easier to operate and less expensive for my oversized warehouse windows. And in my opinion, it is a better option in terms of aesthetics.

The installation was in 2 phases. With each phase, I noticed the difference immediately. Now I can barely hear the highway. The train passing by seems more in the distant and is very tolerable. But more importantly I can sleep well. Another unintended benefit is the added insulation from heat and cold as the original windows are quite leaky. Richard is a problem-solver and very proactive, therefore I highly recommend his services.


Boston, MA

A couple years ago, I purchased a condo in Cleveland Circle. I thought this would be an ideal location with all of the great shopping dining amenities and a “T” stop so very close. However, I was not prepared for the noise that greeted me the moment that I moved in. After many sleepless nights due to screeching trains and rowdy students yelling outside my building, I didn’t think that I would last more than a few months in my new place. Since my condo association’s building regulations wouldn’t allow for new exterior windows, I didn’t think there was much of anything that I could do.

That was until I stumbled upon EZ Soundproof Windows on the web. Their windows sit inside the exterior windows so there was no issue with the condo policy. I contacted Richard Mann at EZ Soundproof Windows who promptly gave me a quote. It was a pleasure to deal with him during the entire process. I’ve now had the windows installed for almost two years and can’t express how thankful I am to have made this investment. The windows completely eliminated the noise that had once killed my sleep. I also appreciate that these windows open and close like any other window so on pleasant quiet days I can keep my windows open if I want.

I’ve just now ordered four more soundproof windows in my living room to take advantage of the substantial tax credit for energy-efficient windows. I’ve been so happy with my bedroom windows that I would, without a doubt, recommend these to anyone wishing to have more peace and quiet in their homes.


Brookline, MA

We live in a historic building in a very central part of Boston near Charles St, the Boston Common, and Beacon St. Although we love the location, one thing that always drove us crazy was the noise. Since our building is “historic”, we’re not allowed to make any changes to the exterior or appearance. After 5 months of sleeping badly, we did some internet research, and discovered Richard and EZ Soundproof Windows. I spoke briefly with Richard on the phone to get more information, and then scheduled an appointment. Richard came to the apartment, took window measurements, and gave us a very detailed estimate including shipping. The estimate was almost exactly what the total price ended up (with some variability due to UPS rates).

The windows took approximately 6 weeks to manufacture and ship. As these things go, the day/time that UPS was available was my one ‘can’t miss’ meeting at work, so I wasn’t able to be at the apartment early enough to receive the shipment. I  ended up mailing the key to Richard, who coordinated the logistics with UPS and took care of everything!

When I returned home from work, Richard and his assistant were just wrapping up, and the window looked fantastic. Not only did it blend in seamlessly with what was already there, but if you didn’t know any better, it just looks like it’s always been there. The best part… The street noise has been COMPLETELY eliminated. We just don’t hear it. At all. The windows worked exactly as advertised, and look good to boot. If you need soundproofing windows, I can wholeheartedly recommend Richard and EZ Soundproof Windows.


Brookline, MA – Richard W.

Finally my new home is QUIET and I can enjoy it, concentrate and get a good night’s sleep.

I recently bought a house on a busy street in Brookline. Everything about the house was what I wanted, except for the amount of noise at that location. It is excessive. I am sensitive to loud noises, and so was hesitant to buy the house just because of it. However, someone told me that there is such a thing as noise reducing windows, which I did not know, and that I should look into it. Which I did. After much research, I made the decision to buy the house and have soundproof windows installed.

The bottom line is that they work great. It is as if I am living on a very quiet and peaceful side street in the suburbs. I bought the windows from Richard Mann of EZ Soundproof Windows. He was recommended to me by more than one person in my neighborhood who had also wanted to soundproof their own homes. He had a great reputation. So I contacted him. He came by my home, made an evaluation, and then explained to me exactly what I would need and should expect.

At that time, I was so worried about the noise level, that I even suggested to him that I buy two layers of soundproofing for each window. I was convinced that just one layer would not be enough. As such, he could have sold me twice as many windows, and made twice as much money, but he did not. He instead was very honest about it, and convinced me that one layer would be sufficient and enough to make my home quiet. I very much appreciate that honesty.

They do great job of soundproofing and appear invisible as well. The windows themselves are of the highest quality, both in their intended effect and also they completely blend in. I highly recommend EZ Soundproof Windows.


Newton, MA – Hillary H.

I recently moved into an apartment that’s equipped with these windows. So while I can’t comment about the installation process, I can say that the windows do their job exceptionally well. I live right next to the Mass pike, and while I can see the traffic from my bedroom window, I can’t hear it at all! Even siren noise is mostly blocked out. The windows also look great from an aesthetic standpoint. Highly recommended for anyone looking to sound-proof their home or business.


Buzzards Bay, MA – Daniela T.

We recently installed 9 soundproof windows from The street in front of our house has turned into an incredibly busy, noisy cross section with 24/7 trucks, sirens, garbage trucks, 18 wheeler traffic that was seriously disturbing our sleep on a constant basis. The noise was unbearable and we needed to do something about it. A neighbor of mine told me about these. I searched and found EZSoundProof windows Yelp. I called and Richard Mann called me back within about 10 minutes after I left him a voice mail message. He was extremely friendly and thorough on the phone. He answered all of my questions, was detail oriented, professional, helpful, and overall a joy to speak with.

The Soundproof Windows arrived about 4 weeks later. The installation itself went seamlessly, and it’s now difficult to notice that the soundproof windows have been installed. They are almost totally invisible and they look fantastic. The peace and quiet is AMAZING. When my husband came home he was beyond belief. For the first time since we’ve lived here we were able to enjoy music with dinner without horns and sirens at our dinner table. We are sleeping better and personally I find that I have tons more energy during the day at work. My concentration is improved. My yoga is much more rewarding as I can actually hear the quiet. I am thankful for the addition of these windows into our lives and I highly recommend this company to anyone who is in need of Sound Proofing for their home. You will not be disappointed.


Boston, MA – Christina U.

I was thrilled when I bought my first condo in Mission Hill. I was less thrilled when I spent my first night in my condo. The windows were so leaky that the wind shook the blinds and the noise of the city crept in. I didn’t want to replace my windows since that would involve putting up scaffolding and doing some brick work. I am so happy I found EZ Soundproof Windows. They are essentially storm windows that are installed on the interior of the existing window. I liked how they could be do-it yourself installed even though I ended up getting lazy and paying someone else to do it. The installer was very nice, very clean, and helped me to remove and then replace the curtains. Now my bedroom and bathroom are warm and quiet. I don’t have to sleep in a 50 degree room with earplugs anymore!


Boston, MA – Joseph T.

Lived in the city many years and have been troubled by street noise, cars, trucks, people, etc. Recently, I installed a noise reduction window in my bedroom condo and I have to say it did work. It reduced night time noise a lot. I seem to sleep better now. Easy install, with a few tools and I did it myself. The supplier was very helpful and knowledgeable. Great to work with. Overall a good experience.


Boston, MA – Rowena O.

I bought a condo in Back Bay, in a building that literally overlooks I-90.
The building is historic and architecturally significant, but the noise was unbelievable. I called EZ Soundproof Windows before buying it, and Richard Mann assured me that they could make a difference. On the basis of these conversations, I went ahead and bought the condo. We had agreed on sliding doors rather than panels because the extra gap space would stop the noise better. That design required the radiators to be moved, which we thought could be done — not easy, but it could be done. Unfortunately, it turned out that my condo association had a problem with the radiators being moved. The association flat out refused to have the project go forward.

The sliding doors had been manufactured at that point, so I couldn’t cancel the order. I was facing the prospect of having to write off what I had paid had already invested. To Richard’s credit, he arranged to have the doors reworked into window panels. The panels did not require that the radiators be moved. The panels were installed, and they looked very good, almost as if they were not there at all. I wish I could say that they eliminated all the traffic noise, but I guess the I-90 is a formidable noise-generator. It doesn’t help that the noise bounces off the concrete walls, overpasses, and dividers that surround that part of I-90 near my condo. It would have taken a miracle to silence that.

I will say that the noise level has been diminished considerably. It’s much better than it used to be. I commend Richard for seeing the project through despite all of the unexpected obstacles. He was always available to answer questions and was extremely responsive. You can trust Richard. He follows through and succeeds at doing what is fair.


Newton, MA

Richard Mann installed soundproofing windows in our bedroom which has two ultra windows overlooking the Mass Pike… We couldn’t be happier… the sounds of the rail station and subway and traffic on the expressway no longer intrude on our sleep… Beautiful! Thanks Richard!


Newton Center, MA

These EZ Soundproof Windows have saved my life. My house is situated as close to the Mass Pike as it could possibly be, so all day everyday you would have to contend with the noise from rush hour traffic, mid-day commuters, and constant road work. Richard explained to me how the soundproof windows work. I just figured that any improvement would be worth the expense. Fortunately my expectations were far surpassed! The windows perform beautifully and it is actually pleasant to be home. In my opinion they are cheap at thrice the price. And they are not inexpensive.


Lynn, MA – Dave B.

I’m here to tell you about phase two of my condo soundproofing project with Richard Mann of EZ Soundproof Windows. I first commented here last year after an installation on the stadium side of my two bedroom condo unit. It worked so well that I decided to have my other bedroom window soundproofed and to have my patio sliders soundproofed as well. My bedroom had a very large and very drafty window that I’d been sealing with heat shrink material during the winter. Reasonably effective for heat loss but cheesy looking and no soundproofing.

The soundproofing is now installed and I’m sure that come this winter there will be zero drafts. The patio sliders were quite a project. Installing them on the inside of my existing sliders required some back and forth with Richard on what I wanted and how it would be installed. Windows and doors were soon ordered, delivered and installed – they’re looking good – sounding great!!

Working with Richard on this project was fantastic from my very first telephone conversation to now being able to finally enjoy peace, quiet, much better sleep and a wonderful thermal benefit which will continue to save me a small fortune in heating and cooling costs for many years to come! Here on Yelp for all to read I proclaim: THANK YOU EZ SOUNDPROOF WINDOWS!


Newton, MA – Daniel S.

I can’t say enough about the sound proof windows that Richard installed in my home. My house is situated as close to the MassPike as it could possibly be, so all day everyday you would have to contend with the noise from rush hour traffic, mid day commuters, and constant road work. Richard sold me on the sound proof windows and I just figured that any improvement would be worth the expense. Fortunately my expectations were far surpassed! the windows perform beautifully and it is actually pleasant to be home….

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