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Portland, ME

These have made a big difference in our heating and cooling costs, and I love that we can open the fixtures when we want some fresh air.


Bangor, ME

We live near Bangor Airport and the constant plane and traffic noise was driving us crazy. The soundproof window treatments have eliminated I would say 90% of the noise. We are more than satisfied.


Lewiston, ME

Ordering/installation was so easy and they fit seamlessly right in front of our existing windows. Highly recommend.


Bar Harbor, ME

Love that this is an American company that sells, manufactures, and ships in the USA.


Augusta, ME

Living near downtown is great for nightlife but bad for peace and quiet. So glad we caved and bought these window treatments for our house.


Ogunquit, ME

We actually sound proofed the windows downstairs because our rescue dogs are super sensitive to loud noises. They have made an amazing difference so far! Might end up doing the whole house.


Kennebunkport, ME

Love these.


Camden, ME

No hidden language or scam financing like other companies.


Auburn, ME

This will be my second review of Soundproof Window Treatments. When Mr. Mann was here last and installed the 10 Soundproof Window Treatments that inspired me to give his firm the first review, we discovered that we completely overlooked soundproofing 2 skylights in my office. At the time I did not think it mattered. However after we discussed the physics of noise elimination it became eminently clear that to achieve the ultimate goal of effectively soundproofing my office with 8 windows plus 2 skylights it would be necessary to soundproof these two remaining skylights. Last week Mr. Mann returned and now with all ten windows in my office soundproofed with his products. The silence is louder than the noise ever was. It is a totally new sensation. I can honestly say that my wife and I can hear the silence, as well as enjoy the quiet. Equally amazing are the dramatic thermal benefits we achieved. My office with its 10 windows and 2 skylights has more exterior glass then every other room in my home. It was always the coldest. Now on the coldest, wettest and snowiest of days the room is the warmest room in the entire house. It is truly amazing with its 3 outside walls, all with wall-to-wall glass; it used to be the coldest room in the house. Now to my utter amazement it is the absolute warmest room in my home. The window surfaces with these Soundproof Window Treatments installed are WARMER than OUR WALLS. As a result we have ordered several more for 2 more rooms upstairs and in time will likely end up Soundproofing and thus Thermal-proofing every window in our home.

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