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Augusta, GA

Just got them.  The customer service from the man who owns the company was great. Very responsive and helpful.


Savannah, GA

About six months after we bought our condo, a nightclub went in across the street. The noise at night became so bad we really had no hope. We saw Richard’s site and he helped us get soundproof treatments for all the windows that face that side of the street and the quality is life-changing. We are no longer kept up by house music or awoken in the wee hours by partiers. Can’t recommend enough.


Atlanta, GA

We live in a condo in downtown Atlanta and the noise levels especially on the weekends are unbearable. We love our condo but were starting to think we would have to move because we just couldn’t sleep. Then we found Soundproof Window Treatments. We figured it was worth a shot since we really didn’t want to leave. The treatments are even better than we could have ever imagined! Thank you Mr. Mann for giving us back our sleep and allowing us to stay in our home.


Alpharetta, GA

Very good, keeps the noisy traffic out.


Hampton, GA

We recently moved into a home near the Atlanta Motor Speedway. We heard some noise when we originally saw the house but had no idea how loud and annoying it really was until we were finally settled into our new dream home. The noise was so bad that it was hard to even focus or concentrate. My wife and I were starting to wonder if our great new purchase was actually the biggest mistake of our lives! After some online research I found Mr. Mann’s company and immediately contacted him.
He was incredibly helpful and informative and got us set up with everything we needed to block out all those car sounds. We now can say we are completely happy in our new home. Thank you!


Atlanta, GA

When we bought our condo near Atlanta airport we knew we’d need some sort of sound proofing. Soundproof Window Treatments work great and since they’re removable they can not be seen from the outside there were no issues with my condo rules.


Athens, GA

Have helped a lot with the noise and also keeping the heat out.


Andersonville, GA

I live in Andersonville and even though my neighborhood is beautiful I  was going crazy with all people in the hood who decide that mowing your lawn at 7 a.m. is a good idea. I started out by getting Soundproof Window Treatments for just my bedroom. I love them so much that now I’m thinking about getting the whole house done!


Macon, GA

We got these for the entre first floor of our house and will be doing the second floor as well since they worked so well!

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