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Do you deal with excessive outside noise? Whether you hear dogs barking, traffic honking, or kids playing, noise pollution can be a real annoyance. is here to make a difference for you. We offer our soundproof window treatments in Delaware (DE) so that those who live or work in your home or business can experience peace and quiet, no matter what’s going on outside.

How We Make Windows Soundproof

We specialize not in installing new windows, but in installing noise-blocking features to your existing windows. This is relatively inexpensive compared to new window installation, and these noise-blockers don’t change the appearance of your windows at all.

Our soundproof installations sit on your window sill and attach to your window opening. That way, the extra soundproof barrier provides the extra insulation you need to get a break from outside noise. To demonstrate, regular windows have a sound transmission class (STC) rating of around 27. With our soundproof service, those same windows have an STC rating of 46 or greater.

These soundproof windows can also help you save energy because they act as insulation against heat loss and heat gain as well.

So if you want to see what a real soundproof window is like, can help. Contact us today at 866-547-5376 to get a quote for DE today.


Wilmington, DE

We live very near the airport and the sound of the planes is unbearable.
Since installing these soundproof windows, we’ve been able to actually relax in our own home!


Lewes, DE

These have been excellent for soundproofing, but I am also amazed at how great they have been for climate control. Our heat is clicking on much less frequently now!


Rehoboth Beach, DE

We have lived near the ocean for many years and thought that the low tide smell was just part of the beach house life. We found EZ Soundproof and boy were we wrong! These window treatments, which are able to open and close when we wish, have completely changed the game. We are no longer plagued by stinky ocean smells twice a day!


Dover, DE

Found this MA company online and was glad to learn they operate nationally. Richard helped with every step of the process and the soundproofing is so excellent. We love them in our bedroom so much we may just do the whole house.


Bethany Beach, DE

Our new house is on a commuter train line and the noise was unbearable. I felt like I couldn’t have any tranquility in my own home. We soundproofed all the windows upstairs with EZ Soundproof and I can’t recommend them enough. They have eliminated over 90% of the noise disturbances and we finally have peace in our home.


Smyrna, DE

Love these all-American windows.


Middletown, DE

Bought these for our toddler’s bedroom because he has become an uneasy sleeper in recent times. Adding these to his room has been a lifesaver. We all are able to sleep through the night now thanks to EZ Soundproof.


New Castle, DE

These have helped immensely with our neighbors next door who unfortunately love to argue late in the evening. We got these window treatments that we are able to close discreetly when things are getting loud over there. So grateful for these window treatments.


Milford, DE

The design of these windows is so high quality. Richard was able to help us customize the exact size and look we wanted and the price was so worth it for our peace!!

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