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Noise pollution is a real problem for a lot of properties, both residential and commercial. Whether you own a hotel on a busy road or you’re woken up each morning by the neighbor’s dog barking, you shouldn’t have to deal with constant outside noise. can help. We offer soundproof window treatments for clients in Connecticut (CT), so give us a call today.

What Is Our Soundproof Window Service?

When you hear about soundproof windows, you may assume that they’ll cost you a lot to remodel your home and install new windows. However, at, we don’t require any expensive or lengthy projects. Instead, we offer soundproof window installations that sit on top of your existing window and connects to your existing window on all four sides.

These new installations won’t change the look of your windows and won’t require lengthy construction. What our soundproof windows will do is provide you with an extra layer of insulation against both noise and heat loss or gain. You’ll be able to enjoy peace and quiet in either your home or business, and you’ll also enjoy greater energy efficiency.

We are excited to help you enjoy a comfortable, quiet property in Connecticut. Contact our team today at 866-547-5376 to learn more.


Westport, CT

Richard was extremely helpful answering my questions, allaying my concerns about paying upfront and when to expect delivery. He worked with me each step of the measuring and buying and delivery process, and I am very pleased with the windows. Installation was very smooth.


Greenwich, Connecticut

Their performance, aesthetics, simplicity and affordability are unbeatable, in my opinion.


Bridgeport, CT

The living room in our new condo is street-level right on a busy sidewalk. These soundproof window treatments have been a total life-saver restoring peace in our home.


Greenwich, CT

Five stars. Will be purchasing more for upstairs.


Stamford, CT

The windows that we added the extra window treatments to feel noticeably less drafty. We don’t really live in a noisy spot so I can’t speak to that.


Milford, CT

The noise at the intersection by our office was so distracting that my boss bought us headphones to block out the noise while we were at work. About six months ago they installed some of these window treatments and I don’t even need my headphones anymore, the noise is basically gone.


New Haven, CT

We got an apartment close to Yale for school but all the noise from the other students was crazy. Since we soundproofed the windows in our apartment, we’ve been able to sleep so much better!


Norwalk, CT

Responsive, reliable service!


Hartford, CT

We used to get woken up by the bus that stops right outside our door every morning. Not anymore!


Westport, CT

I live next to a high school stadium and I am on the inbound flight path to an airport. I have been an Engineer for 20 years and spent many hours researching the subject of soundproofing and probing the Internet for ways to reduce the outside noise in my condo. Somewhere in that search I found “Soundproof Window Treatments” – problem solved – end of story – absolutely no complaints about the way Richard Mann conducts his business. Richard came to my home, took all the window measurements and kept in touch through the manufacturing, shipping, and installation of the windows. A new SUPER SOUNDPROOF window inside my existing windows – a soundproofing process he thoroughly explains on his website. You won’t be disappointed! E-mailed Richard and got a prompt reply. He answered all of my questions and I placed an order. There was a piece missing in the order (stuff happens) – Richard made good on it immediately with a rush order to replace it. Installation was done perfectly and now the stadium and aircraft noise is only a whisper. I’ll say it again – You won’t be disappointed!

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